Did you know that your heart needs attention all the time not just in February, the month when the heart and love are highlighted and love is in the air. To be healthy, the heart needs to be nourished not just with cardio but energetically too.Yoga Classes
In this workshop, learn
  • Secrets of the Heart Meridian and Heart Chakra energies
  • How to access these energies with ancient Eastern techniques
  • Boost the heart energies
Qi Infused Yoga® melds two ancient systems into one, creating a unique and innovative mind/body practice. For a workshop that goes beyond asana, join Brenda Schnable. Brenda is senior yoga therapist and author of the 2014 International Award winning books,Accessing Your Inner Power: Awakening Your Health & Vitality and Qi Infused Yoga.
For more information on booking this yoga workshop at your studio, contact Brenda today.