• Boost your Qi and energy
  • Reduce stressbanner-bg-v-2
  • Improve health & well-being
  • Increase flexibility, strength, and endurance
Yoga can not only help reduce stress, but can provide relief from common ailments such as back pain, arthritis, digestive issues, insomnia,anxiety, and depression with Qi Infused Yoga®. Qi Infused Yoga® melds the best of Qigong and Yoga into one flowing yoga practice.



I recently had the privilege to attend a Qi Infused Yoga® workshop. Brenda has an almost innate ability to recognize and address individual’s needs. She spent time with every student and tailored the workshop so that each one of us left with a deeper understanding of ourselves and how using the methods of Qi Infused Yoga® can help to heal and revitalize our lives. Qi Infused Yoga® is helping to renew my vitality, strength, and overall sense of well-being.

Di Rulo

Starting to practice Yoga at age 58 is a bit of a challenge, but Brenda is inspiring, supporting and encouraging. She tailors every practice to my specific needs while teaching me how to read my own body. All this makes each practice a unique and rewarding experience.

Carol McMahon

Brenda is the most incredible instructor I have ever had. I have become more flexible, have achieved better balance (literally & spiritually), and better range of motion. I really really hate to work out, but I won’t miss a session with Brenda, my time with her is the most important thing I do for myself!

Julie Meltzer

My wife has rheumatoid arthritis. Over time she had become more disabled and unable to participate in things we used to do. Such as needed to use a motorized scooter at Disney World, having great difficulty going up/down stairs and many just normal activities of daily living. One day she had the great fortune to meet Brenda Schnable and be introduced to Qi Infused Yoga. The difference in her life and abilities is amazing. She now can move about freely, goes up/down stairs without difficulty, can reach behind her back over to the other side of her body, goes to Disney World and walks around all day without any assistance at all. Granted, medication has made a big difference but yoga has been such an amazing complement to her improvement. We no longer give a thought to planning a trip that involves lots of walking, stairs, etc. Yoga has given me my wife back! Thank you Brenda.

Rick Fore

I felt relaxed and at peace not only in Brenda's presence, but also after the class was over.

Molly Caldwell

I felt stress leaving my body. Would definitely recommend yoga with Brenda!

Gavy Bachher