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Cool the body and calm the mind with Qi Infused Yoga® , a happy medium between the two energy-focused yogas of Yin and Kundalini. Melding Qigong movements and yoga asana in a flowing vinyasa practice, Qi Infused Yoga®  is a unique and innovative mind/body practice that is gentle yet energizing. Mudras, mantras, meditation, Qigong massage, may be included in the practice to enhance and balance the Qi and prana, the life-force energy.


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Senior Yoga Classes

Just because seniors are no longer in the working world, it doesn’t mean they’ve stopped living. Yoga is as important to seniors as it is to everyone else – maybe even more so. Retirement community members need to stretch and breathe to stay fit and healthy. I provide classes to the very fit to the frail and wheelchair bound.

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Adaptive Yoga: Sit, Stretch, and Smile

I’m happy to be partnering with You Call This Yoga, a non-profit that provides Adaptive Yoga classes in the Raleigh and neighboring towns to help the physically challenged and under served people improve their lives with yoga. If you are curious about the benefits of yoga, yet concerned because you suffer from MS, joint disorders, arthritis, or injury, Adaptive Yoga may be just what you are looking for. Classes are gentle and slow and are focused on helping anyone with mobility issues. We practice with a chair for a support and use other props to help you breathe and move.

Yoga Warriors International       yw-logo

Yoga Warriors International is the first and largest program in the nation for healing combat veterans through yoga. Unlike other yoga disciplines and treatment modalities, YWI was designed specifically to help veterans differing from PTS and developed from years of feedback from veterans diagnosed with PTS. Currently YWI methodology is helping active duty military,veterans, first responders and their families, and may others who have experienced PTS or high stress. Yoga Warriors classes integrate concepts of traditional hatha yoga with modern knowledge of the mind/body connection.

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